Information for Students

Discipline in the Institution/Hostel

  1. Discipline shall have to be maintained by the students.
  2. Carrying of mobile phones by the students in the institutional premises is strictly prohibited.
  3. No students shall be allowed to enter college premises unless he is wearing a prescribed uniform and carries institutional identity card with him
  4. Students falling short of attendance as per J&K SBOTE rules or failing sessional shall not be allowed to sit in the end term examination.
  5. Misuse/mishandling of college property shall not be tolerated.
  6. Students should follow the directions given by the Principal, Head of Departments/ Lecturers from time to time.
  7. Rules prescribed in the library shall be followed by the students.
  8. Students should not bring their valuables/ Jewellery in the Institution.
  9. Ragging in the institute / hostel is strictly prohibited and is punishable act.
  10. Misbehaviour / misconduct on part of students shall tend to termination from the college.
  11. The student shall abide by the directions passed to him through notification issued from time to time.
  12. Institutional / Hand on job training forms a part of course and is mandatory for all the students.
  13. Students admitted under the scheme of persons with disability (PWD) shall be governed by the rules of the schemes.
  14. Students will be not indulge in any illegal and /or unethical activity on the hostel premises.
  15. Neither the students nor their visitors are allowed to bring or consume liquor,durgs or any other intoxicants on the hostel premises
  16. Fixing of posters, making uses of walls / doors as a canvas for a painting of various expression, etc., are strictly prohibited. The demage caused to the walls / doors due to this sort of activity will be recovered from the occupants of the respective rooms.
  17. Hostel rules and regulations will equally apply to regular as well as short-term hostelities.
  18. Any students not following the rules and regulations of the Institution shall be expelled from the Institution.


Examination Procedure: For conducting examination and giving certification the Institute has been affiliated with J&K State Board of Technical Education (SBOTE).

Examination Fee: The Examination fee is fixed by SBOTE and is revised from time to time. At present the fee structure is as follows:

a) Examination Fee of Each Semester =Rs.1000/-

Late Fee:

a) First ten days after due date of filling of Examination Forms= Rs.200/-
b) Next ten days (twenty days after due date of filling of Examination Forms= Rs.500/-
c) Next ten days (i.e. upto two days before the commencement of Exams)= Rs.800/-

Re-appear candidates :

a) For one subject=Rs.200/-
b) For two subjects=Rs.400/-
c) For more then two subjects=Rs.1000/-